Coastal Rangers Personnel

Coastal Rangers’ Team Members

and… a batch of Newbies (the PC’s)

We will be using the 6th Edition of the HERO System rule set to create the PC’s. The definition of a Heroic campaign taken from 6E1: The HERO System 6th Edition, Volume 1: Character Creation: “In a Heroic campaign, characters are built on 175 Total Points (and have to select 50 Character Points’ worth of Matching Complications). In a Heroic campaign, the characters are extremely skilled and capable individuals, but “normal” humans nonetheless. They can always buy Characteristics, Skills, and Perks. They can usually buy Talents, and can usually buy Powers to simulate some of the things they can do (such as the ability to run faster, leap further, or punch harder). But usually they cannot buy overt superhuman abilities, like the power to walk through walls or teleport.

Heroic characters do not have to pay Character Points for ordinary equipment like cameras, handguns, radios, gas masks, and the like. They get that sort of gear by paying money in the context of the game, having it issued to them by their superiors, building it using their own Skills, and so forth.”

Character Creation Checklist

Here’s a summary of the steps you go through when creating a character.
  1. Character Conception
  2. Characteristics
  3. Skills, Magic & Powers
  4. Equipment
  5. M.H.I. Recruitment
  6. M.H.I. Recruit Training
  7. GM Approval