M.H.I. Recruit Training

M.H.I. recruit training is an intensive four month program.  The training is similar to many armed forces recruit training but everything is monster hunting related.  The classroom sessions range from company history, first aid and weapon familiarity to how to kill undead, general bestiary and vampire weaknesses.  There is a structured physical aspect to the program with cross-country runs, fitness classes, weight lifting and obstacle courses and of course training with weapons and small unit tactics.

Monster Hunter Recruit Training Graduates receive:

Look for some changes to this page once the ‘official’ Monster Hunter International RPG comes out!

  • Firearm: Rifle (50%) or an experience roll for +(1D6+2)% per month of training
  • Knowledge: Monster Hunter/Cryptozoology/Bestiary (40%)
  • Strategy (25%) or an experience roll for +(1D6+2)% per month of training
  • Characters are granted 960 hours training to increase their STR, DEX or CON
  • SAN +1d6 per month of training

Graduates are granted an additional (1d6+INT/month of training) skill points that can be added to 6 Skills from the following list:

  • Brawl
  • Climb
  • Demolitions
  • Dodge
  • Firearm (usually Rifle, but any)
  • First Aid
  • Artillery
  • Command
  • Drive
  • Grapple
  • Heavy Weapon (any)
  • Hide
  • Language (Other)
  • Listen
  • Jump
  • Knowledge: Monster Hunter/Cryptozoology/Bestiary
  • Martial Arts
  • Medicine,
  • Melee Weapon (any)
  • Missile Weapon (any)
  • Navigate
  • Pilot
  • Repair (Mechanical)
  • Ride
  • Spot
  • Stealth
  • Strategy
  • Survival
  • Throw

…or ask the GM if the skill you want is applicable

Also upon finishing M.H.I. Recruit Training each character will receive their own custom suit of M.H.I. Body Armor.  The initial suit will not cost you anything but if lost or damaged it will cost you to repair or replace it. Please consult with the Gamemaster to construct your armor.

New Skill:
Knowledge: Monster Hunter/Cryptozoology/Bestiary
The general study of the behavior, anatomy, and physiology of monster species. Use this skill to identify a known monster based on traces or parts of that monster, list the habits and qualities of a known monster, or classify and predict the attributes of an unknown monster based on the same data. Also can identify the weakness of a known monster.

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