Great Bear Lodge

The Lodge is the main meeting area for the Team as well as the home to Maximillion, the Mills twins and “Momma” Stockwell.  The twins each have a room in the basement, Max and “Momma” Stockwell each have one of the rooms on the upper floor.

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The massive Meeting Room on the main floor of the lodge is the tactical center for the Coastal Rangers.  It is equipped to collect, present, manage, evaluate and disseminate information.

There are twelve individual Response Terminals mounted on the grand conference table, a Strategy Console and Identity Consoles which are all integrated with the Critical Command Console.

All information is exhibited on the large video wall display and can be transferred to the conference table terminals.  The Critical Command Console does have a satellite connection and communicates with the global navigation satellite system and is connected to the main M.H.I. hub.

All computers on the Myra Falls Compound are networked through the Critical Command Console.

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