Character Conception

To create a character, you need a character conception. This is your initial idea of what the character does, how he reacts to different situations, his background, and so forth. You may wish to play a steely-eyed space smuggler, an immensely strong superhero, a confident femme fatale, a mysterious wizard, or any of a vast number of characters appropriate to a given campaign. The sharper your mental picture, the easier it will be for you to create the character.

Conceptualize your character pre-M.H.I. career, the GM will help you plan your characters’ recruitment into M.H.I.

To aid in your character conception there is a long list of questions below. If you would like help with your character’s background let the Game Master know.

Here are the questions:

1. Full Name:
2. Any and all aliases used:
3. Age:
4. Birthplace (include city, country and world):
5. Parents’ names:
6. Other family members:

Fill in the following information for every member of your family that you grew up with:
• Name:
• Relationship to you:
• Place of birth:
• Age:
• General personality:
• Your relationship with them:
• Reasons for any ill-will/special ties:
• Profession/aspirations:
• Sibling rivalries:

7. Education level:
8. Any degrees held (and where):
9. Physical traits:
10. Social traits:
11. Lifestyle description:
12. Short term goals:
13. Long term goals:
14. Hopes and fears:
15. What drives me:
16. Religion:
17. What conflicts may arise because of my past:
18. Jobs, positions and/or titles held in the past:
19. Do I have a criminal record or bounty on my head:
20. Where do I call home:
21. Where have I spent most of my life:
22. What notable places have I visited:
23. Do I have any dependants:
24. Am I now, or have I been, romantically involved with anyone (and who):
25. What are my hobbies:
26. What awards and/or honors have I received:
27. What are a few of my favorite things:
28. How do I see myself:
29. How do others see me:
30. Height:
31. Weight:
32. Hair:
33. Eyes:
34. Notable contacts:
35. Notable enemies:
36. Notable friends:
37. What modern day actor would play my character if our campaign was a movie:
38. Any notes:

As stated before, there are quite a few questions, and they require a great deal of thought.  For this reason your character will be compensated for you taking the time to fill them out.  The level of compensation will depend on the number of questions answered and the depth of detail/thought put into your characters background.

Compensation examples: Bonus character points, a special item, piece of gear or ability, more starting $, etc…

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