Erzsebeth Bloodrayne

After the incident at Resolute Bay M.H.I. archivists scoured the libraries for any information they could find on Erzsebeth Bloodrayne.

This is what they discovered:
Erzsebeth was born in Hungarian in the late 16th Century. She was a countess from the renowned Véreső family.  Her brother István was the Voivod of Transylvania and it was during a visit with him that it’s believed she became a vampire.  Quite possibly one of the few turned by the legendary Vlad Dracul.

Post Transylvania visit the archives describe legendary accounts of the Countess bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth and beauty.  Erzsebeth was a very hungry youngling, she has been accused of torturing and killing hundreds of serfs, many of them young women.

She was caught, tried and imprisoned in the Čachtice Castle but escaped with the help of an unknown accomplice.

There is little info after that but it is believed Erzsebeth may have been aboard the HMS Resolute during it’s Arctic exploration and she got trapped in the ice after the ship had been abandoned.

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