Lee Chan

Lee’s real name is Kwak Hyun Sik.  His family immigrated to Canada from Xia He, China when he was just 8 months old.  They moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and opened the Golden Terrace Restaurant.

Lee graduated from High School and attended University in Winnipeg.  He spent any time not hanging with friends or studying helping his parents out at the restaurant.  Lee spent a number of years in University eventually getting his master’s science education degree.

In an effort to separate himself from the restaurant and to get out of the ‘big city’ Lee applied for and got a job with the Leaf Rapids Education Centre in Leaf Rapids, Manitoba as a K-12 Science Teacher.

It was during a field trip to the vast copper and zinc open pit mine at Ruttan Lake that Lee started his career as a Monster Hunter.  On this particular day the mining operation had dug deep enough to rouse and disturb a throng of behemoth tunneling worms.  The worms were worked up into a mass spasm, writhing and shifting through the earth, making their initial onslaught feel like an earthquake.  But when the swarm of 40 foot long, 5 foot in diameter creatures broke through the ground beneath anyone that was moving, swallowing some of Lee’s students whole, it became a paralyzing spectacle.

Most of the miners and half of Lee’s class were lost to the worms.  After all the fall-out from the incident, which would ‘officially’ be blamed on a huge sinkhole, Lee joined M.H.I. and moved to Vancouver Island to become a member of the Coastal Rangers.

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