Vera “Momma” Stockwell

Vera Stockwell is known as “Momma” to all the Coastal Rangers.  She is not a Hunter or even a retired Hunter but she has had her fill of monsters.  Before joining the Coastal Rangers she ran a foster home for troubled youth that was also the place of residence to a mischievous pixie.

The pixie clearing assignment was one of Maximillion’s first jobs for M.H.I.  Max took an instantaneous liking to “Momma” and when he was getting his team together asked her to come work for him at the Myra Falls Compound to look after and care for the Coastal Rangers.

Momma is extremely maternal and nurturing, she finds satisfaction in caretaking and providing for others.  She loves to feed others and gets great satisfaction when her meals are enjoyed. She will smother mothering on anyone near her and she is filled with persistence, stubbornness, and perseverance!  She has one small weak point… she has difficulty saying ‘no’, because she doesn’t want to hurting anyone’s feelings.

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