Lawrence “Larry” Demars

Lawrence grew up in Compton along with his younger sister, Latasha, and their mother.  He was an average student through school doing just enough to get by.  His real enjoyment from school came during the small engine repair and automobile maintenance programs in shop class.  After graduating he attended a technical school and aspired to become a grease-monkey.  In technical school his aptitude for mechanics and machinery quickly became apparent and he relished the work.

He continued to live with his mom and sister while he attended technical school and it was near the end of his second year of apprenticeship that a whole new world was revealed to him.

Larry’s mother and sister were normally incredibly polite and reserved and they dressed conservatively.  One day after Larry got home from the shop they were suddenly wearing extremely revealing outfits and behaving lewdly, to the point of attempting to seduce him.  He knew something was terribly wrong and couldn’t reason with Latasha or his mom so he left and headed for his refuge – the garage.

It was in the garage that he stumbled upon, literally, a horrific discovery – the bodies of Latasha and his mother.  Feeling terrified and stunned he bolted to the nearest police station.  It was a freak of chance that Larry got an officer who was aware of M.H.I.  After one phone call the local M.H.I. team was at the station picking Larry up and getting him ready to expel the succubi sisters that had killed his mom and sister.

After helping deal with the succubi Lawrence was recruited by M.H.I.  Maximillion saw how adept Larry was with machinery and hand picked him to join the Coastal Rangers.

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