Maricela “Rocky” Rodriguez

Maricela is the youngest of eight children.  She’s originally from Mexico, a small village named Canon de Lajas.  When not in school she tended the goats for her family on their small farm.  She was about fourteen when the herd started dying off.  Goats dying wasn’t a new thing but the way these did was, each goat had three puncture wounds in the chest area and was completely drained of blood.

On one dark morning as Maricela was heading out with her second oldest brother to tend the goats they saw the monster attacking their goats.  It was a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail – a chupacabra – and it was not alone…

The village had reported the goat deaths to the local authorities who in turn advised the regional police and on it went up the chain but by the time M.H.I. responded it was too late, the village had been over run by a convulsive pack of chupacabras.  The attack would later be described as a feeding frenzy and utter devastation.

There were three survivors; Maricela, her brother and one of the village elders.  M.H.I. took all three survivors to Appleton Asylum for counselling.  Maricela was able to mentally recover from the tragedy but both her brother and the elder were not able to come to grips with the horrors they had witnessed.

Maricela spent a few years at Appleton, she learned to speak English by watching movies, her favorite movie was “Rocky” and it’s sequels which also spawned a fascination with and immersion into boxing.  When she turned eighteen she expressed an interest in joining M.H.I. and was welcomed into the family.

She met Maximillion Campbell  during her Newbie training and they developed a very warm-hearted father/daughter type relationship.  Maricela was one of the first team members Max recruited for the Coastal Rangers.

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