Dean Landrith

Dean is an orphan, nothing is known about his birth parents.  Dean lived in an orphanage until he was adopted by the Landriths as a companion for their son, Grayson, after it was discovered that Mrs.Landrith could no longer bear children.

Grayson and Dean were the same age but from the very beginning their relationship was saturated with strife.  After just a year with the Landriths Dean was shipped off to boarding school.  First to the Belmont Hill School in Belmont, MA and after grade 8 he transferred to Christ School in Arden, NC.  Other than the generous monthly allowance Dean was given there was little or no contact with the Landriths during his time in school.

Dean graduated with honors and continued with his education.  He had saved most of the money the Landriths had given him during his boarding school years and to break the ties with them he sent back that money and paid his own way through College by working where ever he could.  He attended the United Theological College in Montreal, Québec.  After graduating from College Dean continued with his priestly path and joined a seminary in Montreal.  During his time in the seminary Dean traveled to a mission in the Philippines, Dean’s first monster encounter happened there.

The mission was overwhelmed by a plague of ghouls that had been raised by an evil witch doctor that was offended by the mission and it’s inhabitants.  Dean and a few other missionaries survived the incident thanks to agents of the Monster Control Bureau.

After returning to the seminary in Montreal Dean was conflicted with his present path.  He still had faith but was not sure he could just be a servant in the church.  A timely correspondence and invitation from Maximillion Campbell set a new path for Dean – he joined the Coastal Rangers and became a Monster Hunter.

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