Charles “Chuck” Aaron

Charles Aaron, his close friends call him Chuck, grew up on the shores of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.  He was born in Yellow Knife and spent his entire youth and young adulthood there.  At an early age he showed an enchantment for flying and he followed that passion and turned it into a career with Canadian Coast Guard as a helicopter pilot.

Charles first got stationed at the CCG Base in Prescott, Ontario but he was eager for a wilder challenge and asked for a transfer to the west coast and ended up getting stationed at the CCG Base in Victoria, British Columbia and got to working with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

It was during a Search and Rescue (SAR) response in the Checleset Bay Ecological Reserve that Charles got his first glimpse of a monster.  The SAR team was responding to a distress signal from a boat that was on fire and sinking.  When the team arrived at the location the boat was flipped and there were two survivors hanging on to the wreckage and they were in a panic to get off it.   Charles brought the helicopter down and hovered low in an attempt to winch the survivors up quickly.  Shortly after getting the winch down the helicopter was attacked by a colossal monster squid knocking it into the ocean.

Most of the team were able to jump clear but Charles and his co-pilot got stuck in the helicopter during impact and both were knocked unconscious.  While Charles and the co-pilot were being dragged down into the depths the other team members and the last two survivors from the boat were eaten by the squid.  Charles regained consciousness and was able to grab one of the small pony bottles of air they had but was still stuck in the cockpit due to the damage from the attack and impact.  Charles couldn’t reach his co-pilot and had to watch as he drowned.

Charles relaxed and tried to breathe as slowly as he could while waiting for the helicopter to settle when it hit bottom at 70′ and attempted, unsuccessfully, to free himself.  Knowing that he only had a few minutes of air left he struggled with the obstruction that was impeding his escape and then he was hit with a wave of astonishment when he came face to face with his second monsterous encounter – three beautiful aquatic creatures… mermaids!

As he just remained there bewildered the mermaids extracted him from the drowned helicopter, swam him to the surface and then to shore.  They left him on Checkaklis Island where some fishermen from the Kyuquot/Cheklesahht First Nation found him a few days later.

It was while Charles was in the hospital, after the Feds had paid him the ‘visit’, that Maximillion Campbell stopped in and offered Charles a job with the Coastal Rangers.  Charles quit the Coast Guard that very same day.

HERO System 6th Edition Character Sheet

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