Samuel “Sammy” Mills

Samuel is Samantha’s twin brother.  When the twins were eight years old the family came to Vancouver Island for a camping vacation and while driving through MacMillan Provincial Park on their way to Tofino their vehicle got knocked over by a werewolf that was being chased by a clan of centaurs.

Both of Samuel’s parents died in the accident.  He and Samantha survived but both had serious injuries .  The centaurs felt at fault for the accident and took the twins to their village to care for them.

The twins’ injuries were treated by the clans’ druid, Isphiria.  Because of Isphiria’s mythical treatments both Samuel and Samantha recovered from their wounds within days but they both also suffered traumatic mental stress with the loss of their parents and the knowledge that monsters were real.

Feeling responsible for them and not knowing what else to do the centaurs adopted the twins into their clan.  Isphiria and her mate, Aegis, cared for them up until the day she encountered Maximillion Campbell.  Campbell had come to Cathedral Grove to set up some motion detectors and video cameras so that the Coastal Rangers could keep watch over the site.  The twins were eighteen now and decided that they were ready for a life back in human lands.  They left with Maximillion that day and have lived with the Coastal Rangers at the Myra Falls Compound ever since then.

Isphiria allowed Campbell to set up one camera and motion detector so that the twins could stay in contact with their centaur family.

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