Maximillion “Mad Max” Campbell

Maximillion was a military brat, his father served in the Canadian Navy, and grew up on military installations all over the world.  Max followed in his father’s military footsteps but not in Canada.  Max ended up attending Washington State University in Pullman getting a degree in business specifically management and operations.  Staying with his military upbringing he was in the ROTC program during school and upon his graduation he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and became an Infantry Officer.  He served in the Corps from 1969 to 1989, deploying for every American armed conflict during that period, and then retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 42.  He earned the nickname “Mad Max” because of the off the wall but highly successful tactics he would employ in battle.

Max continued to work with the military plus local and federal law enforcement agencies after his retirement in an advisory role.  It was during this period that he had his first monster encounter and met the Shackleford’s.  Maximillion was doing some advisory work for a small police force in the town of Oak Grove, Alabama when the town got attacked by a raiding party of giant ant riding goblins.  And while M.H.I. responded quickly Max, with the help of the local police, had things fairly well controlled by the time the monster hunting team arrived.

Max was recruited, trained and after a couple of fruitful monster hunting years was asked to assemble, organize and lead a M.H.I. team in Canada.

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