Myra Falls Compound

The Coastal Rangers’ base of operations is located on Vancouver Island in a remote area of Strathcona Provincial Park.

M.H.I. bought out and transformed the Myra Falls Operation of Boliden-Westmin Resources Ltd. (Breakwater Resources Ltd.) into a large training facility and command centre.  The mine site is 90 km southwest of Campbell River tucked into the mountainous landscape of Strathcona Provincial Park in central Vancouver Island. The mine shaft starts at an elevation of about 2000 feet, but the lower working levels of the mine are below sea level.

The mine operation was shut down shortly after the initial acquisition and then went through a major ‘upgrade and retrofit’ which transformed it into a leading-edge M.H.I. Team Compound.

The Compound is very large, most of the original mining structures have been demolished and the facility has been re-built and landscaped from scratch.

Terrain View

The Compound includes; the main lodge (Great Bear Lodge), a large workshop/garage, a helicopter landing pad, an obstacle/training course and eight Bunk Cabins.  In an effort to keep the Compound looking like a SAR Base all of the firing ranges have been built underground in the old mines.

Google Earth View

An overview map of the Myra Falls Compound is below

Overview Map

and here is a more detailed map

Detailed Map

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